Life is all about understanding the fact that nothing is permanent and nothing stationery. Everything is temporary. The more we realize this; the better is our performance and comprehension of life. However, there is one thing that is always constant, and that is to be “consistent”.  This is the best way one can ensure that one is absolutely picture perfect, and one is also predictable. However, there are ways of achieving this target of being consistent. One has to understand how best consistency can be had at every point, at every place, at every juncture in life. Let us see the six absolute keys to bringing consistency in life.


To be consistent one should have a vision

To be consistent one should have a vision. Now, what exactly is a vision? Well, it only refers to what you wish to have out of your life. If one has a focused vision, then it is easier to understand the path of life better. The vision could change from person to person and depends a lot on the way one views life. The first thing that one has to focus on is to understand what one has to become. This is the fulcrum around which the whole life revolves. The vision determines our goals and aims and also takes one in a positive direction.


Routine is the key to being Consistent

Routine is something that determines our life. It is only a set routine that ensures that life is on a trajectory. This has to be a straight line when viewed on a graph. The more we follow a particular routine every day, the more one is ensured of consistency that is the key to success. Follow a proper morning routine to set the day as well as life.



The next in the line of the absolute keys to achieving consistency is to have an alternative. This is the factor that actually provides you the answer to what the other option could be. Asking oneself what the alternative could be that could make a difference in our life, would help to push us on a consistent path.



What is setting a goal exactly? Well, when we know what we want to become, and we also know how to achieve it, then it becomes important to know where our desires and ambitions are taking us. So it is always good to have a short term goal to achieve the longer change. So have a 30-day goal approach that will increase the power to be consistent.



The Seinfeld Strategy

The Seinfeld Strategy is indeed a unique way of making sure that there is consistency in every action that you are engaged. Seinfeld is a very successful person and follows the write-down policy. Yes, it is good to note down what we wish to follow it with a particular target say thirty days. Every day one has to put an X if the goal is done and a 0 if it is not done. So it is a good idea to keep a mark for each thirty days for achieving everyday goals. As the goals get accomplished one should put an X. So the visual effect of the goal getting completed puts one on the path towards consistency.


Pushing Through the Inner Ideas

The entire thing is about knowing oneself well and to push through the ideas. This is a great way of hitting the right chord about being consistent. If we overcome challenges and setbacks along with obstacles without giving excuses, then our habits would be constant. We need to push through, and we need to apply our mind is focusing on it.


Thus, the six ways of achieving success are simple, feasible and a perfect combination of understanding oneself through ” consistent” habits.

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Ready to move forward and reach the next level of success? With these tips on the power of being consistent, I hope that you will be put these into action today and make your dreams a reality.

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