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  Each of us is compelled to do so many things in our life for a livelihood and let the life find its rhythm of happiness. Happiness is a process of continuous growth and enhancement thus lead to a secured life. List of these things like getting a desired job, starting a business, losing weight or finding a soul mate, is endless. Whatever be our purpose, we need to work toward achieving it, which we call Goal.

So, your objective is your goal.

In other words you set your goal and work toward achieving it. You draw a plan and start your work. You see some progress for a while and then you start to slip off. Before you realize, suddenly you are back to square one. It is here that you have to retain your will power, motivate and re-assure yourself that you can achieve what you intend to achieve. Remember that all successful people had their own failures and pitfalls, but what kept them going was/is the indomitable will power to achieve. The following steps help you achieve your goals.

  1. Visualize your goals:

You set your goals and start feeling that you are there already. If you feel that you are enjoying the benefits of your achievement, you get the real kick of reaffirming yourself that you will achieve it.

  1. Attach values to your goals:

You need to give highest value to your goals. It is then that you prioritize your values to motivate your purpose to surge ahead.

  1. Set your mindset and have belief:

Draw up your plan of action and set your conscious and subconscious brainstorm on it. What you think, feel, hear and express send positive affirmations in aligning your goals with your actions.

  1. Re-live every day:

Review your past and future work and actions. This process continuously affirms you in visualizing your goals. You will then move forward toward your goals near and near.

  1. Failures teach you to lessons:

Do not be discouraged with failures and road blocks. They are bound to be there for every one of us. You need to stay focused on your goal, but not on those things that have gone wrong. Learn from them and set your movement again with more alacrity.

  1. Stop hoping:

Stop continued hoping without putting your real effort on the job.

Reminder this, that for  the STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS you never know what is in store for you. Therefore, be optimistic, think positively and move forward. To be optimistic is indeed a positive attitude especially about the future!


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We all can climb the ladder to reach the attic very easily, but when it comes to reaching higher heights in life to achieve something that we desire to, is the difficult part of human endeavors. You have to maintain a disciplined lifestyle, focus on what is ahead of you that needs your attention and show unwavering determination to complete your day’s work. It is these qualities that give you success. You have to draw up a road map to achieve your cherished dreams. From there on, you have to stay persistent and motivated in pursuing the defined objectives and purposes to achieve what you dream to achieve. The following tips help you stay Persistent and Motivated to Achieve Your Dreams.

  • You need to first identify your wants and desires. Note down in detail that you wish to have and accomplish. This gives you the basis to stay persistent to achieve those things.

  • Motivate yourself that you can achieve your goal. Motivation generates from a deep passion to become something or achieve something. If you lack motivation, you cannot work or wish ever to work.

  • Draw up an action plan indicating what you want to do, step by step. You have to draw up all possible plans to complete the work. This gives you a chance not to restart again afresh.

  • The road to success is always challenging. Failures should not deter you, road blocks should never disappoint you and the people’s attitude should not distract you from your focus. Become proactive and always remain positive in your thinking. In other words, if you remain persistent in pursuing your defined actions, you will surely go closer and closer to your dream goal.

  • Choose your team very carefully. People who can give you unbiased judgement and possess a positive mental attitude are the ones that you need to have. Do not fall prey to dishonest and cynical people in your team.

  • Accept failures. One failure is not the end of your journey. There could be many reasons for failures. Either you find a way to succeed or make a way yourself.


Therefore, remember that you have to keep going until you achieve your cherished goals that you keep dreaming of. Continued and persistent efforts can take you to accomplish your dreams come true!

 The Mastery of Persuasion in Action


The Master of Persuasion is the ability to convince a person of what is and what is not. When one masters the “:mastery of persuasion, then he is surely a master of social psychology and its scientific application.

Let us see how. The theory of Mastery Persuasive” communication is a developmental philosophy which has been researched by many. It is based on the principle that some behavioral patterns influence human attitudes and when one understands this, and then regular communication can influence the decision of these individuals.

There are some principles which help to influence this communicative strategy and also provide information.

According to the mastery of persuasion”, customers get convinced or influenced more if there is an unexpected gift given before the request is made. The gift endorses faith and builds the feeling of returning a favor. So a reciprocal approach is the first step towards the science of persuading someone.


 The Mastery of Persuasion challenges our Decision

Everyone in this world likes consistency and stability. When we are committed to a cause, our decisions are in accordance with this. Any individual would prefer a choice where performance is assured. Consistency and commitment is thus the key to managing regular persuasion towards choosing a particular option. For example, if you are asked to fill up a form while entering in to a site then that is a token of commitment for further interaction.

Usually one is always tuned to do what the world does. People usually prefer to be a part of the masses. So when we persuade customers by saying that nine out of ten people preferred our product we are providing them social proof. This is thus the next way for science of persuading people.



In the Mastery of Persuasion Likeability is Key

Likeability is a principle adopted by most companies who use sales agents with great success. People prefer a known buyer to an unknown one. So, study the customers and attract them with colourful images, words etc. Connect to them and represent what they would like to see. For example dress codes of employees send signals to the buyers. A formal dress code indicates a formal setup and employees dressed casually send out an informal signal. The science of persuading them through attitude, interaction and attire is thus another way of handing the persuasion process.

Being authoritative usually are successful people who have Mastered the art of  Persuasion. Customers usually are not sure about a purchase and they like to get testimonies from people. A guide or expert helps by persuading the customers with an authority that is unbeatable. Thus being authoritative has its own advantages and methods.

Creating a level of “you will miss it” always helps. This is a panic situation for the masses, so they go to buy it lest they miss it out. This is another way of persuading the masses – create a sudden scarcity though hypothetical.

Thus it is seen that the mastery of persuasion is an art and is a way of life. One does not have to be devious, scheming or mean to be a part of the persuasion process. One only has to be straightforward, convincing and organized to be able to convince the world about a particular product.

On this last note, it is important know in life we are already using the Mastery of Persuasion in everything we do.

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Most people want to like to be successful and have a success originated attitude and even Million Dollar Mindset. However success is a way of life for some and a greater challenge others. However, it is important to follow the right path to achieve success. In life, many of us complain about everything in spite of having much to be thankful for. Naturally, this situation slowly becomes a habit, and then they begin to fall into the trap of believe this is the normal way to live life.

However complaining is not a solution to the problems. One has to be part of the solution and not the problem. Therefore, as is with other cases, there would be particular ways of obtaining the best mindset to achieve success.

Obviously this means mindset plays a very important role in bringing success. If one wishes to have more success in lesser time, then it is easy and also effortless. One does not have to guess through the success path; there are definite parameters that result in successful endeavors.



The principles of understanding are now becoming a universal law. This is the part where one can create ideas, and also comprehend how everything works. If one has to know how things work and how ideas are created then this is the best method. This leads to success through regular creativity.

People have an idea within them and also know how it works. However, one has to act upon it to be able to define the paradigm of the situation. A paradigm is a multitude of habits that control our life. If we wish to grow in it, then the best way to do it is to increase the income and also have a major shift in our everyday habits. This helps to improve relations and also provide a good work front.


Success is directly related to vision. Everyone has to dream about how the future looks. This means that one has to have an m motivational goal that would look feasible and easy too. The vision is usually followed by execution that leads to success.

Partnerships form key connections to relations. Everyone cannot accomplish everything alone so we require help from others. This is usually achieved through successful partnerships and associations. This increases the trust and also decreases any chance of failure. This is indeed a great stepping stone towards having a million dollar mindset.

Everyone knows that the more we give, the more we get. This philosophy also applies to achieve success. Give the best and keep the energy at bay always. Do not waste your time thinking of what you would receive instead just gives wholeheartedly. Surely this is a valuable tip towards achieving a million dollar mindset.


The whole world lives in gratitude. One has to be grateful for the blessings we have. Everything that we are happy for is due to a reason, whether it is a material object, or it is health or friends or home. All this are interconnected to a material happiness. The Law of Attraction is at work always, and one must appreciate this very well and be grateful for all the good things. This brings about success automatically.

One has to be accountable for all actions. Everyone has to take responsibility of actions. So the more one is accountable, the more is one capable of being successful. It is a great way to achieve success and with the “million dollar mindset” it is a perfect antidote to any negativity.



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Having a “million dollar mindset” is not just a state of mind. Actually, it is a way of life that brings about a successful change in an individual.

Remember the Million Dollar Mindset is everything will it comes to living in abundance.

Thoughts control your Destiny

The human mind is a combination of the thoughts and ideas. It is like a magnet. It is the magnetic (gravitational) pull that keeps the human body grounded to the Earth. Just like a magnet has a magnetic field around it, similarly the human body has an aura around it. The aura that is rich with the thoughts are being exuded from the mind. What we think is what we believe. What we believe is what happens and your destiny is determined by your thoughts!

That is the reason why it is often being said that thoughts become our destiny. And this is also the basis of the law of attraction. According to the law, the thoughts determine our destiny, and it is this fact that governs the attitude of the people around the world. Explore the law of attraction and one can feel how your thoughts determine your destiny.

Our Destiny reaches out to the Universe

The Universe is a combination of energies. Whatever we are thinking are being sent as a message to the Universe. When these messages are positive, we are surrounded by positive charges. When the messages are negative, we are surrounded by negative charges. Thus, thoughts determine our destiny.


Our Destiny is Transformed by Positive Thoughts

There are many ways one can remain positive. Thoughts are one way, and attitude is the other. Very often, we accept life the way it is. We accept all the bad luck just because we think that is the way it should be. However, one has to be very sure and confident of the thoughts within and thus bring to one’s life destiny. Changes are inevitable and nothing can ever remain the way it is, we can obviously try to bring about a change in thinking towards positive results. This would bring about a great change in our life. It is all about believing that your destiny is determined by your thoughts. Attitudes and belief are the basics towards the best kind of success.

What we think is what we become and this is, in fact, an ancient kind of wisdom which has come down over the years. It has not lost its strength and thus thoughts become very much a part of our life and also make life easy.


Reach your Destiny with a Daily step by step Plan

Simply said, one can achieve a lot of results just by thinking positive. When we think towards what we wish to achieve, we have won half the battle. The remaining part is to believe in achieving the result. Not many realize that the power for their success lies in their thoughts. Imagine how easy to have a life filled with just positive thoughts and creativity.

Any person who wishes to have control over the destiny can best do it if the thoughts are positive. People usually do not know that they have control over their thoughts and let their mind wander. The key to success is to control the mind and also know the thoughts within.

Words set in Momentum the Direction of our {Destiny}

Our words reaches and heard by someone creates an impact on that person either positive or negative. How we feel about ourselves is entirely dependent on our life. What we think about ourselves has a great impact on our future. Words are decibels that help to connect the brain within and the world outside. Whether it is joy, sorrow, fear or love, we express our thought through right emotions.

Our words create that will give us the motivation that results in actions which shows that your destiny is determined by your thoughts. Express, understand and communicate towards your destiny.


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If you truly desire to have more freedom in your life and transform your Dreams into Reality

it would my pleasure to support, encourage and guide you on this road to success.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, and lets chat. I would love to answer any questions your may have.

And once again the most important point in this lesson of life is this: Your destiny is determined by your thoughts”.