How to Have Victory over Challenges


Winning is what every one of us needs to experience, if we want stay afloat. Life is an assimilation of so many challenges, right from the school age to the time of quitting on retirement and even beyond. In this life journey, you come across so many challengers like communication breakdowns, personal challenges, stress related issues, interpersonal conflicts and above all financial challenges. If you want to win you have no other go, except to challenge them yourself and beat them. Losing something means, you may have to restart again, which is staggering. Therefore, there is a need for you to be focused on every challenge that you may face and be prepared to face it and come victorious.


Visualize your goal, lay out your plan of action, be fully organized and start taking your steps with determination. Winning demands you to be prepared to fail, adopt changes, overcome stress factors and build your strengths. You have to enhance your focus, think strategically and possess the ability to learn faster. You need to concentrate on self-awareness, develop relationship skills and improving resilience. You need to give importance to values, purposes and integrity of thought and action. In order to do all this, the following ways help you take the kick start to come out victories over challenges.


  • Become proactive and develop positive thoughts about everything you do on the path of your goal
  • Be intuitive and find your inner self
  • Believe that you are a strong person and can take any challenge
  • Be strong on your opinions, but show resilience in execution
  • Develop communication and leadership skills
  • Remember that one failure is not the end of your endeavors
  • Take responsibility for your life and actions
  • Learn to love and accept suggestions
  • Be understanding of others and give scope for others to understand you
  • Accept new life roles
  • Nurture relationships with love and care
  • Learn from mistakes and do not repeat them
  • Remember that life’s challenges are not specific and that they keep changing, and you have to accept them with open heart



You need to be more disciplined, committed and hard working to win over every challenge and emerge victorious. Do not ever allow your ego to precede you, because it comes in the way of learning new things! Period!

Fear is one of the emotions why people are afraid of something. For example, afraid of snakes, afraid with your wife, afraid of heights, etc. I know right now, you may think what fear you have in your entire life. If we overcome fear, our mind, body and soul are active in any situation. When you arrived into this world you came with a blank slate.

You were not born with the fear of failure, fear of challenges, fear of everything and everyone. All we encounter of fears you experience on a daily life are not natural. Your mind thinks what you fears are. Realize the fact that fear is not your natural state, it is something which has been induced over time. When you repeat the thoughts of fear over and over again they get surrounded into your hidden and then those thoughts begin calling  the shots in your life. You start taking decisions based out of fear. It is not good if we continue to meditate our fear. We should fight for it and learn from it. Face your fears. If your dreams didn’t come true, it’s okay! Don’t give up, and think for another one. Don’t lose faith especially in prayers. Prayers are one of the most powerful that God gave us. If your prayer is not answered don’t lose hope, just keep on praying. If you see a person give up on their efforts, don’t let their feelings affect you.  If you find that  someone betrays you, do not condemn them. Do not throw away all your chances to be happy because you did not succeed on the first attempt. As you go on your way don’t give in to the overpowering emotions of fear. Replace all thoughts of fear with those of hope and courage. Simply refuse to be afraid. Imagine yourself as overcoming the obstacle and rising victorious. Such thoughts support your ability to overcome your fears. Whatever you are afraid of doing it. Imagine yourself doing it, then go ahead and do it for real. That is the best way to overcome your fears and a great way to live your life happiness in every day.


A fear of the mysterious keeps a lot of people from leaving bad situations.
You can overcome almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. Dale Carnegie said that “For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind”. No one wants to overcome their fear. To avoid this, don’t relax and sit down. Go where you want and get by with something you really enjoy a lot. You get expose to your fears. When you expose from it, fear has no power to get you down. And your freedom will come up and it will rise upon you. Don’t let your fear affect you so much. The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.  What are the reasons why people have fear in their life? We fear people because they can expose and humiliate us. We feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly. They can reject, ridicule or despise us. They attack a person, oppress and threaten us. Because of this fear, we got an effect from it. There is a positive and negative effect. In it positive ways, fear keeps you healthy. Because it helps our body and mind works together, our emotions are included. Fear invites you to do something. Because of this fear, we can think what the best to fight for this is. Fear pushes you beyond your limits. Next one is the negative sides. Fear is a prison for mind. Why we say so? Because every time you think your fear it affects your mind to decide what you should do to it. Fear can drive people to destructive habits. Sometimes a person is weak. He can’t face his consequences of his fears that are why he destructed from it. We have so much experienced in life that fear is involved. Many situations we encounter in our lives that is so ridiculous. But remember that the greatest fear will be to our God Almighty. Show your fear on him and praise him.

What do you fear most and why? Fear is a problem of individuals. It can stop us from doing some things that you busy on. It can also make us do things that are not really good for ourselves. Fear turns positive thoughts into negative thoughts. Fear turns positive energy into negative energy. Sometimes this fear gets a person into disobedient. What does fear feel like? Are you happy, enjoyed, afraid or lonely? Fear can warn you to take care, the feeling when you are out alone at night in a place you don’t know. That you think so much that you can’t explain in yourself. Fear can be the niggles in your stomach before and interview. Feeling discomfort to yourselves. Fear can make you physically sick, fear of heights or spiders. In just little things that you afraid of. Fear can talk you out of things. Negative self talk comes from fear of failure. That’s true! Just admit to yourself that when you’re not in the mood perhaps, other people or things that are make you embarrass and you don’t know why. The first step to overcoming fear is to recognize what fear feels like for you. As soon as you feel the twinge or tingle you associate with fear put this plan in place. If you overcome your fear dint stay with it. Don’t mind it, focus to other staff. And let your fear passes by. So that you feel better and continue to have a busy work with. “Don’t Fear Change, Let Change Fear You” by Zsolt Fabók. Hope you have a lot of learning’s on this. Keep in touch. Everything would be easy if you think that would be easy for you. If not, you know what I mean. Your life will be miserable if you catch up all your fears.

Change is to make something different from last situation.  If I wanted another pair of shoes, I can change this with another pair of shoes. Limit is a line beyond which something ends. If I compete to a run racing, there is a finish line that you should be on it. A belief is feelings that sure of someone or something exist. Even though I can’t see God I believe that he exists. Men always stay in what they do in everyday life. To avoid mistakes, he didn’t do other things that he doesn’t know. For example, I will make a chair that has three legs. If you imagine this, the chair can’t stand alone. Why? Because the chair should have four leg to stand alone. So do you believe you can fix it again? Of course, yes! If I am a smart person, people are expecting that I am a wise man. Do things that are appropriate with something. Every man has different abilities and characteristics that’s why we are different from other creation. I am curious with something especially to my belief. I am not satisfied on what I have right now. I am searching for something that enables me to mold with it and learn from it.


We can break free of our own limiting beliefs. Some people believe that they are stupid or unloved. They don’t have confidence in their self’s. To erase the bad part of us, we should do things in a different way. We have three things to remember. The first step is assessment. Assessing your old beliefs. Throw away your beliefs that make you miserable. Second, become more empowered. Replace for a new one. Lastly, commit to new beliefs. Make sure that all you’ve change for a better person will not stuck on it for the future. Harry F. Banks said that

“For success, attitude is equally important as ability”.

The Power of Overcoming the Fear of Failure in Business


Most of us suffer from Fear psychosis, barring degrees of it. In other words, it is the fear of unknown. We cannot name it nor can we explain the reason or the motto for that Fear. It is mostly subconscious. This subconscious fear complex holds us back in doing our best. Fear damages everything in life. Fear not only destroys your dreams, but also ruins productivity. It holds you back in your efforts to build your business and do your job. In short it robs life of its joy.


Entrepreneurs are people who build industries, transform conventions, shape cultures, create employment, improve the wealth of the society and the national GDP, and become instrumental in improving the overall quality of living. In this realm of the reality, fear in business endeavors, definitely is a problem. If you want to do something big, you have to overcome this big problem of Fear. The following are the four basic principles; you need to discover to help yourself deal with the Fear of Failure.


  1. Failure happens – accept it:


Basically Fear is unknown. You have to define your view of failure. It is because; you may think failure is a bad thing, which is not true. Therefore, you have to name the Fear like, is this business going to work and succeed? Or Will I lose some money? Or will I make huge profit? Or will I go bankrupt? Remember that failures only teach you lessons – so keep running toward it. As long you keep running, success is bound to come.


  1. Name the FEAR – solve it:


Name all the possible Fears and keep solving them one after the other. It may take few tries, keep going. Understand why you are afraid and reaffirm yourself that you can deal with it. It is better than suffering from the Fear.


  1. Do not stop – pursue your goals:


Your dreams and goals are as big as your Fear is real. Even in worst fears, mind you – you have your goals to pursue.


  1. Do – what you Fear:


When you start addressing what you Fear, you will not be afraid of it after that. If you fear failure, remember failure happens only the moment you give up hope and accept the reality.




Every successful person or Entrepreneur must have experienced this Fear of failure several times in their life. But, what kept them going was their determination to succeed.



The basic principle that separates human beings from other living creatures is the reasoning faculty of human thoughts the brain generates owing to physical or mental actions. It is this thinking process that decides, what we intend to become and why. We all want to become this or that. In this human endeavor, the Transforming Power of visualization if used correctly becomes a very powerful tool to help reach your goals. It motivates the mind, awakens the inner self and ignites the passion to achieve something.





To Transform your Dreams into Reality, you need to imagine when you actually achieve them. If you do not do that you will never become motivated to pursue them, just like a person who never managed to experience a habit would never get addicted to it. In other words, you need to get accustomed to the good feelings of your rewards and gains, when you will get them after achieving your goals. That is called visualization – the ultimate power of imagining how life would be like after achieving your set goals. This visualization motivates you to pursue them relentlessly.


The nucleus of effective visualization lies in certain actions that you need to follow;


  1. When Andre Agassi won Wimbledon cup and became the champion, he was asked how felt. He replied “I have already won Wimbledon at least 10,000 times before”. That means, you need to practice visualizing the details of your success to keep thinking about them.


  1. Do not stop after achieving your goals, but should feel that it is only the beginning so that you keep sending encouraging instructions to your brain.


  1. Repetition of visualizing your performance and dreams enables your subconscious mind to absorb them more which is likely to turn into reality in near future.


That means the more you are positive and proactive in your visualization, the more the chance that you can/will do miracles.

“Make this the best day of your life by Transforming your Visualization into a Reality”