What is your ” DMO” Daily Mode of Operation?

Every person in the world has a raison d’être and functions around this in a subtle manner. One has always been in a particular field of work or activity and has created a certain pattern of living or working. However, it has been noticed that in spite of all efforts, some people do not get the required results. They realize that they are not as successful as some others who have a better operational mode.

After a deep analysis one has come to this conclusion that there are three ways to operate well. One is consistency, the second is persistence and the third is to attend events. Once a person knows what has to be done on these days, half the battle is won. This is where the daily mode of operation comes in.


This is a very difficult thing to get used to. Usually one has plans to do something the next day, however, when the day comes, the person is confused where to begin. To get something productive out of everyday routine, there has to be a DMO or a regular mode of working.

The best way to begin to find the best way to operate is to write it down on a piece of paper. Whether it is a business or a school matter, a schedule or an event, writing down always helps. One can have a perfect daily mode of operation through quick cash, internet presence and noting down what has to be achieved.

One has to constantly motivate oneself and set the positive energy ticking. This is the first thing to do. Then spruce up the mind and also boost the inner confidence with an extra belief that there are prospective ways of doing things.

Communicating with people also helps. Sell the product and learn from the information given by others. They could be beginners, marketers or high end directors. It does not matter. It is always better to learn from one’s experience.

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Learning to produce value also helps. One can produce value through a video, an article, through social media and with immediate online presence. It carries success a long way and also helps leaders to understand which direction to take. One would be more than willing to do something which is well guided and with good direction. This is the best way one can enjoy the best aspects of good management. Our “daily mode of operation” revolves around maintaining a good routine as well as a schedule so that there is a perfect balance between what is wanted and what has to be executed.

One can add, change or move things around, but the final decision always has to be something that would get success. These are simple ways of managing a daily routine efficiently. Once these principles are etched in the mind, it is easy to do something that is even more interesting. This is possible only when one masters the everyday principles with finesse.

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Often one notices that a great zeal to do something is overridden by failures. This is because there is a chance that not all plans and schedules would be successful. However, one has to be patient enough to understand the true meaning of routine planning. This is possible only through simple execution of daily plans. Once this is achieved the rest of the issues fall in place.

The foremost importance of a daily mode of operation” is to develop this model for focus, and creating this into a habit forming technique which will become your {DAILY MODE OF OPERATION} to empower you to reach new levels success.



Author: Dr. Shawn Fields

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