Health and Exercise: The Superpower of Exercise


We all know exercise is great for health. What most people don’t realize is just how good. Exercise can boost brainpower, help you feel better about life in general, and more. Read on to find out the lesser known rewards.


Improve Mood


Exercise can do so much for your mental state. Many people, except those who are severely depressed, can skip anti-depressants and get physically active instead. Gone are the side effects of medication and you get the full-blown health effects of exercise. A brief workout of 30 minutes does wonders. Getting active stimulates the brain, leaving you with a much happier state. Not only will the happy hormones kick in, your mental outlook also improves. Expect to feel more confident and good about yourself.


Combat Anxiety


In this modern age, anxiety is a lot more common. The demands of life have increased, people fulfill more roles than ever before. Did you know that a 20-minute jog can work just as good as taking an anti-anxiety pill? And you won’t have to deal with damaging side effects. Try a moderate or high intensity activity and feel more relaxed afterwards. Interval training is highly recommended to reduce stress.


Be Smarter


If you think exercise is just for people who need to lose weight, think again. In fact, think better. How? Exercising regularly can boost the memory and ability to learn new skills. When we work out, the hippocampus cells in our brain – the portion in charge of memory – is activated. Children at physical play aren’t just having fun, they’re helping their brain development. Adults, too, reap mental rewards. Old dogs can learn new tricks – old dogs that get busy and run, that is!


Get Better Z’s


In another excellent example of how exercise can take the place of a pill, exercising regularly can greatly improve sleep. Whether you’re struggling at bedtime or finding it difficult to stay asleep, physical activity can help you sleep faster and provide better quality rest. Make sure to exercise no more than three hours before bedtime, though. You don’t want to be too mentally stimulated before hitting the sack.


There you have it. There’s more to working out than fitting into skinny jeans. Of course, looking fit and trim is another awesome benefit of exercising. From physical to mental and emotional improvements, you can’t afford to not get physically fit!

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