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Hi, My Name is Dr. Shawn Fields, and my background is a Psychologist and Writer, but only a short time ago, I discovered the freedom of having the power of a online viral business . Now with working at home, which by the way, is anywhere that I has internet connection which could be on the beaches of Mexico, Costa Rica, or in the mountains of South America, or just relaxing in my home office of Playa del Carmen Mexico, life is exciting and rewarding. With only working 20 hrs a week, it provides me the pleasures of pursuing my passions of sailing, globe trotting around the world or simply enjoying my new family. This has been my way of life now for over 12 years. Anyone with enough courage can experience this same freedom of abundance and prosperity.

Dr. Shawn Fields

Professional Marketing Consultant


Office: 1 (888) 849-0182

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