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  Each of us is compelled to do so many things in our life for a livelihood and let the life find its rhythm of happiness. Happiness is a process of continuous growth and enhancement thus lead to a secured life. List of these things like getting a desired job, starting a business, losing weight or finding a soul mate, is endless. Whatever be our purpose, we need to work toward achieving it, which we call Goal.

So, your objective is your goal.

In other words you set your goal and work toward achieving it. You draw a plan and start your work. You see some progress for a while and then you start to slip off. Before you realize, suddenly you are back to square one. It is here that you have to retain your will power, motivate and re-assure yourself that you can achieve what you intend to achieve. Remember that all successful people had their own failures and pitfalls, but what kept them going was/is the indomitable will power to achieve. The following steps help you achieve your goals.

  1. Visualize your goals:

You set your goals and start feeling that you are there already. If you feel that you are enjoying the benefits of your achievement, you get the real kick of reaffirming yourself that you will achieve it.

  1. Attach values to your goals:

You need to give highest value to your goals. It is then that you prioritize your values to motivate your purpose to surge ahead.

  1. Set your mindset and have belief:

Draw up your plan of action and set your conscious and subconscious brainstorm on it. What you think, feel, hear and express send positive affirmations in aligning your goals with your actions.

  1. Re-live every day:

Review your past and future work and actions. This process continuously affirms you in visualizing your goals. You will then move forward toward your goals near and near.

  1. Failures teach you to lessons:

Do not be discouraged with failures and road blocks. They are bound to be there for every one of us. You need to stay focused on your goal, but not on those things that have gone wrong. Learn from them and set your movement again with more alacrity.

  1. Stop hoping:

Stop continued hoping without putting your real effort on the job.

Reminder this, that for  the STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS you never know what is in store for you. Therefore, be optimistic, think positively and move forward. To be optimistic is indeed a positive attitude especially about the future!


Author: Dr. Shawn Fields

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