The 7 steps to Creating a New Lifestyle Transformation

  The Magical 7 steps to Creating a New Lifestyle Transformation All of us would like to have a new way of doing things. These small transformations mean a lot in our everyday life. A new lifestyle transformation thus forms the basis of a new way of living. However, it is in our hands how best we can make a difference and how far we can create success through simple ... [Continue Reading]

How To Stay Persistent And Motivated In Pursuing Your Dreams

We all can climb the ladder to reach the attic very easily, but when it comes to reaching higher heights in life to achieve something that we desire to, is the difficult part of human endeavors. You have to maintain a disciplined lifestyle, focus on what is ahead of you that needs your attention and show unwavering determination to complete your day’s work. It is these ... [Continue Reading]


  The basic principle that separates human beings from other living creatures is the reasoning faculty of human thoughts the brain generates owing to physical or mental actions. It is this thinking process that decides, what we intend to become and why. We all want to become this or that. In this human endeavor, the Transforming Power of visualization if used correctly ... [Continue Reading]