What are some Unique Habits of Successful People?

   What are Some Unique Habits of Successful People? Essentially what would make one successful? Is it just doing things perfectly and on time? No, it is more than all that. How successful, we are depends entirely on how successfully we live our "habits". Successful habit is an oxymoron of sorts. No one can be 100% successful until they have made it a habit to be ... [Continue Reading]

The 7 steps to Creating a New Lifestyle Transformation

  The Magical 7 steps to Creating a New Lifestyle Transformation All of us would like to have a new way of doing things. These small transformations mean a lot in our everyday life. A new lifestyle transformation thus forms the basis of a new way of living. However, it is in our hands how best we can make a difference and how far we can create success through simple ... [Continue Reading]

Changing bad habits into Empowering Habits

  Changing bad habits into empowering habits Old habits die hard. It might be difficult to digest. Well, to tell the truth, the entire world believes this and then gets into a never ending cycle of being addicted to something. Alright, so let us get to brass-tacks and understand what habits are. For this, we need to understand its true meaning. Well, our brain ... [Continue Reading]