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How to Stay Focused

It is very important to stay focused in life as it is the best way one could accomplish tasks in an organized way. Whether it is for preparing for a test for finishing any work professionally remaining focused is an important part of being successful. It helps people to achieve goals and targets in an easier way, and one can come up with the best kinds of solutions easily. These days with the advent of social media it is very easy to get distracted, and one has to understand that this surely does not help in the long run.


The best method to use to Stay Focused

There are many ways to stay focused, and the best way is to have a very organized space. This is the key to getting things done in a perfect manner. Whether one is at work or in office, whether he is studying at home or he is plainly organizing his room, it is imperative that one has to do it with concentration. There is a way to do things and the first is organizing the place of work.

A cluttered space would create more confusion and one only has to learn to keep it clean, and it is easier to handle things. These not only give concentration but also relax the mind totally. Spend just a few minutes cleaning the space and the day would progress well. Similarly at the end of the day re-organize the place and put everything back in place. This helps the life to be settled as well as organized. Any possible distraction at the workstation has to be avoided. Keep the phone away from the place of work and speak on the phone only if it is absolutely needed.












Make A To-Do List to stay focused

Making a to-do list is the key factor that can change things working in your favor. To Stay focused” is very important, and the best way move to the bracket is to make a to-do list. Stay motivated and make sure that one can continue work with the help of these to do list. One does feel a lot of accomplishments when there are still things remain in the to do list. Separate this to do list in various ways. It can be segregated on the basis of what to do on a particular day, what to do the next day and what to do in a particular week.

When the task is finished, and there is still enough time available for remaining works, one can move to the next set of tasks. It is also important to prioritize the tasks, and it is important to put the hardest task first and then deal with the rest of the tasks. Save the easier tasks for a later time and do it at the end of the day. This way the tasks that are difficult can be handled first and then it is easy to do the tasks later. Always learn how to stay focused by rewarding yourself for whatever work you do, and give a prize for every target you achieve. It could even be something as simple as talking on the phone to a friend or treating yourself with the best chocolate or listening to your favorite music. This self-appreciation would go a long way in staying focused.










Take Time Off For Breaks

The break is a word that is very simple but means a lot when one is at work. Make time for proper breaks. Though this sounds like a waste of time, it is important to take a break occasionally to give the mind some rest. For every hour worked if there is a break of five minutes taken then it certainly helps as it makes one feel more relaxed as well as comfortable. There is a transition period one has to handle, and it is the break time that makes it happen.

Stay focused is an important state of mind to complete assignments or accomplish the mission and remain organized. Stay focused!








Author: Dr. Shawn Fields

Master Marketing Coach



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The secret to success is desired by most, if not, all of us. We all want to succeed in life, land a great job, find a profitable business, marry the right person and build a happy marriage, and we want to be successful in all of them.

We oftentimes see people who have achieved great success in everything that they do and we often wonder how they do it and what are the secrets of success that they have been doing to attract success to them.

Most often, if you ask about the secret to getting at the top of the ladder, or about how people get good money, you will most likely get ‘hard work’ as an answer. But many of us might wonder why some people are working their tails off and still they barely get to where they want. We might think it is all about luck. I’d say, there is no single secret to success. Many factors play big roles in the making of a successful career, a successful business or a successful family life. Here are some of the secrets of success that might not be a secret at all but by practicing them in your life, could lead to the road of your success.

– Set your goals. To be successful, you should know what you want to achieve. You can think big, make great plans but you can also divide them into smaller ones so that you can easily assess where you are in terms of reaching your goals.

– Know your strengths and weaknesses. Achieving what it is you want in life involves a lot of knowing yourself, your potentials and your weaknesses and using them to get to your goals.

– Take risks. Be prepared to trek new roads, make your own path, push yourself to your limits, discover your potentials, get out of your comfort zone, and be prepared to tackle uncertainty and fear.

– Acknowledge that failure is a part of learning. Look at trials and failures as your challenges in making wiser decisions and not as reasons for you to quit.

– Do not stop learning. Learn a new skill and learn something new each day – there are indeed many things yet to learn.

– Do what you love doing. Pursue your passion. Put your talents and abilities to good use.

– Avoid the negative people around you. Be with people who have positive influence to you and your goals.

– Think positively. Achieving something and reaching your goals in life is not just about great plans and hard work. If you want to have good things in life and you want success in the things that you desire, be positive, as it is in positive thinking that attraction works.

– Be thankful and appreciative of what you have. Learn to share. The more you share and make other people’s lives better, the more positive things will come your way.

– Work hard and be persistent. Nobody had success without any action, and nothing can make you successful overnight. The people you see today who are successful with their lives have probably toiled for years and focused their time and attention in their goals. You are now seeing results but behind that could be long years of hard work and persistence.

Even though the secret to success can mean many things to different people, the actions to achieve are all the same: Integrity, faith, vision and hard work, are all needed to reach new levels of success.