The Mastery of Persuasion in Action


The Master of Persuasion is the ability to convince a person of what is and what is not. When one masters the “:mastery of persuasion, then he is surely a master of social psychology and its scientific application.

Let us see how. The theory of Mastery Persuasive” communication is a developmental philosophy which has been researched by many. It is based on the principle that some behavioral patterns influence human attitudes and when one understands this, and then regular communication can influence the decision of these individuals.

There are some principles which help to influence this communicative strategy and also provide information.

According to the mastery of persuasion”, customers get convinced or influenced more if there is an unexpected gift given before the request is made. The gift endorses faith and builds the feeling of returning a favor. So a reciprocal approach is the first step towards the science of persuading someone.


 The Mastery of Persuasion challenges our Decision

Everyone in this world likes consistency and stability. When we are committed to a cause, our decisions are in accordance with this. Any individual would prefer a choice where performance is assured. Consistency and commitment is thus the key to managing regular persuasion towards choosing a particular option. For example, if you are asked to fill up a form while entering in to a site then that is a token of commitment for further interaction.

Usually one is always tuned to do what the world does. People usually prefer to be a part of the masses. So when we persuade customers by saying that nine out of ten people preferred our product we are providing them social proof. This is thus the next way for science of persuading people.



In the Mastery of Persuasion Likeability is Key

Likeability is a principle adopted by most companies who use sales agents with great success. People prefer a known buyer to an unknown one. So, study the customers and attract them with colourful images, words etc. Connect to them and represent what they would like to see. For example dress codes of employees send signals to the buyers. A formal dress code indicates a formal setup and employees dressed casually send out an informal signal. The science of persuading them through attitude, interaction and attire is thus another way of handing the persuasion process.

Being authoritative usually are successful people who have Mastered the art of  Persuasion. Customers usually are not sure about a purchase and they like to get testimonies from people. A guide or expert helps by persuading the customers with an authority that is unbeatable. Thus being authoritative has its own advantages and methods.

Creating a level of “you will miss it” always helps. This is a panic situation for the masses, so they go to buy it lest they miss it out. This is another way of persuading the masses – create a sudden scarcity though hypothetical.

Thus it is seen that the mastery of persuasion is an art and is a way of life. One does not have to be devious, scheming or mean to be a part of the persuasion process. One only has to be straightforward, convincing and organized to be able to convince the world about a particular product.

On this last note, it is important know in life we are already using the Mastery of Persuasion in everything we do.

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