Scottish said that the “negotiation can be defined as any form of direct or indirect communication whereby parties who have opposing interests discuss the form of any joint action which they might take to manage and ultimately resolve the dispute between them. A negotiator should advance the interests of the party that he or she represents in order to obtain an optimal outcome for that party”. It is a collection of behaviors that involves communication that helps you interact with other people. Make a sales where activity or business of selling products or services. Marketing which goods and services move from concept to the customer. Psychology studies your behavior and how you act a person. Sociology is an academic study of social behavior. Assertiveness and conflict resolution to the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. Why do we need to negotiate? To reach an agreement so that you will cope up your plan. To beat the opposition. To compromise those accept standards that are lower than is desirable. Settle the argument and make a point. Prepare carefully well in advance. Prepare for negotiations and not defending. Be ready for opportunities. Reconsider your preparation items. An opening demand that the negotiator believes will satisfy need. Positions can be changed in skillful negotiations. Needs are specific in a negotiation, but are derived from the values we hold. They have to be dug out by skillful questioning and then a suitable need satisfiers can be used to move the negotiation forward. If we are not clear about our needs we may bargain away something we value. Be prepared to concede in areas of lesser importance to gain in areas of greater importance. Put an unreasonable price to an unreasonable demand. Summarize the position the negotiation has reached. Withdraw to a private place and discuss with your team before breaking away. Agree on a new meeting date. Give home work to the other party. Do this to able you cope up win your success.

Negotiation is a process by which two or more parties each which its own goals and perspectives. Coordinate areas of interest through concessions and negotiation to reach an agreement. And take the joint decision about areas of common concerns in a situation in which neither side has nor wants to use power. The aim of contract negotiation is to achieve certainty, to record what is being supplied. The more readily a negotiator can walk away from a negotiation. If necessary is that the greater the negotiator’s ability to influence the negotiation. When and what quantities and standard. What are the consequences of delay or failure to meet the agreed requirements? The best deal seeking clarity does not conflict with the view that negotiations should achieve the best deal. Seeking those qualities of being easily understood. It merely points out that both parties to a negotiation have to understand what it is that they have agreed to. The goal of every negotiation must be to achieve a result which, even if it falls short of the original objective can be considered a satisfactory advancement towards it to fulfill your needs. This is increasingly important as companies build networks of grouping partners. Based on all considerations, How to build key relationships? How to identify what people need? How to give them what they need? And how to get what they want in return, all in a way that seems effortless. If you want get more secrets about this please watch this video. Everyone, everywhere, negotiates every single day. And there’s no better negotiator than Roger Dawson. Seemingly opposed positions are not always opposed when it comes to the underlying interests, they could be compatible. Don’t just split the pie in half. Make concessions on those issues that are not important to you, but valued by the other party.

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